2021 Environment Minister’s Public Consultations

Environment Minister's Public Consultations Toolkit

Government Consultations Have Closed

While the latest consultation phase has ended, we anticipate our toolkit being useful for discussion and future consultation opportunities. It can be found below.


Thanks in part to the tireless advocacy of many climate activists, Canada now has the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act (formerly Bill C-12). As part of the Act, the Environment Minister is legally obligated to establish a plan to achieve Canada’s 2030 GHG emissions reduction target. This was a moment of opportunity, because the Minister must consult us before he establishes the plan. And the Minister has to publish a report on the consultations, which means he has to actually reply to our submissions.

The Environment Minister’s public consultations on the plan to achieve Canada’s GHG emissions reduction target opened on or about 14 December 2021 and closed 21 January 2022.

It is very important that regular Canadian citizens who are concerned about climate change participate in these consultations. By adding your voice, you help to press the government to act with sufficient speed and sufficient strength. That is vital. As we saw in the recently completed consultations by the Net Zero Advisory Body, the fossil fuel lobby has large and well-organized groups of individuals who oppose climate change action. Some register their denial that man-made climate change is real. Others say we must go slow, while making as much profits from Canada’s fossil fuels as possible. Together, they act as a powerful force on the government to move too slowly on plans that are too watered down to make the big GHG reductions that matter. We need the government to know that we understand what needs to be done, that we support them in doing it, and that we require them to do it NOW

You can jump straight into the Climate Messengers Environment Minister Public Consultation Toolkit, or use the links below.